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Alpha Spirits Book Cover


8 - 12 years

ISBN-13: 978-1699223475

ISBN-10: 1699223475

PAGES: 667 pages

FORMATS: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook

Alpha Spirit

Book 1

Now available



Daniel Twist, a young Indiana boy bids farewell to his father and older brothers who go off to military training. While they're gone, he is left under the care of his guardian.


A week later he starts to hear strange noises up in the attic and like any other curious kid he goes to investigate what is making that racket. Unexpectedly he finds a secret room in the attic that hides an old ornate box that ominously rests on a table .


A letter attached on the box tells the reader they will be granted powers like no other could ever wield if they wish to be gifted with the power of Alpha. However, they must serve the king of creation. Not heeding the warning he unleashes ancient evil spirits just as in the old legend of Pandora’s box. Now Daniel must become a spirit tamer in order to save the world and fulfill his obligations to the king, after all he has no choice, for he became a target of the Sins.

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